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5-Ingredient Tuna Melt

5-Ingredient Tuna Melt

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5-Ingredient Tuna Melt

By: Jean Pena via

Ingredients of 5-Ingredient Tuna Melt:

  • 4 big scoops of mayonnaise
  • 1 can tuna
  • any kind of sliced cheese
  • any sliced bread
  • butter

Method for "5-Ingredient Tuna Melt":

  1. Open can of tuna
  2. Pour tuna into a round bowl
  3. Add four big scoops of mayonnaise
  4. Mix mayo and tuna together until it looks pink and white all together and you got a nice texture. (You can make two sandwiches with one can)
  5. Grab two slices of bread and place them in a plate
  6. Gently place the slice of cheese on one of the bread slices
  7. Put the tuna mix on the slice of bread with cheese (not too much)
  8. Close the sandwich
  9. Turn heat on stove (not too high, not too low) and place butter on pan. Let it sit and melt until it is nothing but sizzling liquid
  10. Place sandwich on pan. Let one side sit for about 6 minutes, then flip so the other side can cook. Bread must look brownish and hard.
  11. Serve ;)

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